Festive Fun

Get into the festive spirit down on the farm

In our barn you will find the nativity scene and several animals for the kids to see including Belinda the sheep, chickens, and Rupert the donkey who is now 7 years old.

Carriage rides – this year Rupert can give children carriage rides around the tree plantations (for a small fee). Rupert has been on the farm for five years and has been learning how to pull a carriage this summer (2011).

He is a small breed of donkey and his main job the rest of the year is to look after his best friends, Sadie and Butch,the horses, even though they are much bigger than him. His favourite hobby is eating carrots and parsnips!! He does sometimes get into trouble for chasing the dogs if they venture into his field.

He also leads the Palm Sunday procession to church in the local village to earn his carrots. He has visited a local school to help the children learn about Palm Sunday and Easter.