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Christmas Tree Guide

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We have several thousand trees growing on the farm and will have hundreds cut ready for you to choose from. We also have a large selection of pot grown trees which can be planted in your garden after Christmas.

Our friendly staff are very knowledgeable and are more than happy to help you choose the perfect tree for your requirements.

All our trees can be wrapped to make carriage easier. We sell a wide range of stands from plastic watertight containers to help prolong the life of your tree to decorated cast iron ones ( also watertight). We can also put a wooden block on the bottom.

All trees are individually priced making your choice easier and stress free.


Larger trees can be delivered for a small charge – please ask staff for details.

Nordmann Fir

Nordmann FirThis is a favourite for those who want a non-shedding variety. It has an excellent shape and will easily retain its needles through till the New Year if kept moist and not too warm ( ie not next to a radiator ). It has deep green foliage which is soft and glossy and the underneath of the needles is silver or white.

Norway Spruce

Norway SpruceThe “original” Christmas tree which has an excellent shape,good strong branches which make it ideal for decorating and a delightful pine fragrance. Norways are usually a lighter green colour and the needles are sharp.

Blue Spruce

Blue SpruceThis is a delightful small tree which is fast becoming a favourite with our customers because of its beautiful blue needles. This year we have pot grown trees which can be planted in your garden after Christmas. It is a perfect tree for those with limited space or want a table top tree or window display. Its strong needles means it can carry heavy ornaments with ease.

We’ll have bigger specimens next year!

Fraser Fir

Fraser FirThis is a narrower tree suitable for smaller or corner spaces. It has a pleasant sweet scent and is dark, lustrous green in appearance. It often has pine cones on during Autumn and Winter. Its branches are strong too so that it shows off ornaments to their best advantage.

Scots Pine

Scots PineThis tree has a very pleasant smell with good needle retention and stronger branches that will hold heavier ornaments. It is silver green and the needles are long too. It always looks splendid decorated with simple white lights.